Diabetes eating habits to strictly follow

Diabetes eating habits to strictly follow

Gone are the days of strict diets, forbidden foods, and trips down the sugar-free food aisle. According to American Diabetes Association nutrition recommendations; to eat well with diabetes simply means applying the basic principles of healthful eating. Whether you are living with diabetes or not, the whole family will benefit from eating well.

Given is the list of the best ways of having healthy consuming habits for people with diabetics.

Plate rating

Take a good hard look at your plates and the foods you choose and the portions you eat. Rate your plates to see if they measure up. Keeping this healthy-plate visual top of mind will help you employ the number one healthy-eating message from the dietary guidelines.

Small portions

It is time to downsize extra-large servings of less-healthful foods and upsize servings of foods and you are not eating enough of vegetables, fruits, dairy foods, and whole grains. Start by reducing your portions of less-healthful foods by 5 to 10 percent. You will barely notice the trimming, but you will immediately taper your intake of calories, carbohydrate, fat, and sodium.

Good oils

The advice about fats has undergone a slight transition due to research that shows eating more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated sources is more important than eating less total fat. The message to limit the unhealthful saturated fats including trans fats is particularly pertinent and strong for people with diabetes.

Less drive-by dining

It is certainly possible to order and enjoy healthful restaurant meals, but it is tough to eat out frequently and meet your eating goals. Try making on-the-run breakfasts, taking brown-bag lunches, or grabbing a healthful frozen entree paired with a salad, fruit, and milk for dinner a few times a week.

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