Top reasons that you must play golf

Top reasons that you must play golf

Golf is one of the popular games in the country. It is renowned for bringing people together, golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages and all abilities. Exercising while socialising, focusing while relaxing, challenging while calming. Playing golf is fantastic cardiovascular exercise which brings numerous physical and mental health benefits. It prevents chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Swinging a golf club builds muscle and strengthens your core and if you pull or carry your golf bag instead of opting for the buggy you will be getting an even better workout. All that walking increases your heart rate which helps to lower your risk of heart disease and decrease cholesterol and could also help to get more fit.

These are 4 things for you to play golf.

1. Helps to live longer

Golf is good for both our bodies and our minds and so it is not surprising it can add on a few years. Playing golf can actually help you to live longer. Some major research found that golf can increase your life expectancy by up to five years. Also known to ward off dementia, golf can improve your quality of life in those extra years you are gaining and you cannot put a price on that.

2. Earn new friends

A wonderful way to connect with people and make new friends, golf is an extremely sociable sport. It is a game that is enjoyable to play with old friends and new, colleagues, partners, spouses and children, where anyone can compete with a different handicap.

3. Get new skills

And even for the seasoned golfer, there are always improvements to be made; honing skills and perfecting technique to beat your personal best and challenge yourself at competition level. Helps to develop from beginner to confident golfer with a friendly group of like minded people.

4. Assists to gain concentration

Many of life’s situations require concentration, but few of them teach it and hone it as a skill. The game of golf requires developing strategies for a round and for each individual hole. Within that framework, a golfer must concentrate on hitting every individual shot with intensity of focus as though it were the only one she intended to hit that entire day.

So, if you are golf lover, then take your golf kit and help for the golf course nearby.

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